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All of our desserts are slow-baked in small batches at our Chicago bakery – decorated by hand and certified kosher*.

Honey 10in Slice-Website


We bake over 40 flavors of cheesecakes, from classics like Original Plain and Red Velvet, to trendy flavors like Blood Orange and Mediterranean Honey.

 BerriesQuality Ingredients

We use only the finest ingredients like pure Madagascar vanilla and fresh Michigan apples.


Cakes & Tarts

We’re more than just great cheesecake! Carrot Cake, Apple Bavarian Tart & more


How to store, cut and serve an Eli’s Cheesecake plus other frequently asked questions


Vegan Chocolate SliceSpecial Diets
Vegan Desserts

Made with Gluten Free Ingredients

Skinny Eli® – reduced calorie & no added sugar


Our most popular recipes form our cafe and restaurant plus creative ways to serve Eli’s cheesecakes & desserts


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*Irish Cream Cheesecake and Honey Mediterranean Cheesecake are not kosher