Bring Eli’s Traveling Slice With You


Eli’s Cheesecake’s official mascot is Eli’s Big Slice!  He loves visiting with our customers at the café and out in the community at special events.  As much as Eli’s Big Slice loves being at the Eli’s Cheesecake Bakery Café, he would love to go out and see the world!  As he’s always up for a new adventure, we were hoping that our loyal Slice lovers could help him see the country, the world, and everyone in it.

If you’re just going to the beach, a friend’s house, or you’re traveling over-seas, bring Eli’s Big Slice with you!

Click here to print out your very own Slice and take him with you. Cut him out, color him, and bring him with you on your next trip. Remember to take pictures with him at your favorite stops with your family and friends. Upload your photos to display in our Traveling Slice Gallery using the form below for other Slice lovers to see!

Already have some pictures with the Slice? Upload your photos below and we will add them to our Slice Pinterest board  . Also, tweet your pictures with #EliSlice for everyone to see!

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