Wall Of Love


First Place:
Chocolate cheesecakes, rich and creamy
Snickers cheesecake, oh so dreamy.
Banana, blackberry, orange and lime,
not to taste them all would surely be a crime!
Couture confections, like honey and champagne,
I can’t get cheesecake out of my brain.
Something for everyone surely you can see,
Elis does things with cheesecake that just surely can’t be.
Sugar free or gluten free, even low fat,
it simply can’t get any better than that.
For holidays, parties, birthdays or just because,
for your childrens your boss, for friends or in-laws,
personalized or even on a stick, Eli’s cheescake will always do the trick!

-S.M., Athens, GA

Second Place:

Imagine heaven on Earth
True happiness for me
Savoring Eli’s cheesecake
How perfect that would be!
Drifting clouds of perfection
Carrying chocolate, strawberry, banana, and more
Sweet treats of perfection in any available store
Imagination isn’t needed
For me or you
A treat of Eli’s cheesecake
Makes this dream come true

-P.D., Chicago, IL

Third Place:
A bite into an Eli’s cheesecake
Is an explosive burst of flavor
The creaminess, the chocolate chips
It’s a taste you have to savor

These cheesecakes are so decadent
I wish they all were mine
I really, truly must confess
Eli’s cheesecakes are divine

-L.H. Chapel Hill, NC

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An Eli’s Haiku:
Eli’s Cheesecakes bake;
Luscious raspberries show us
The color of love.

If you’re a poet (and you know it), enter our poetry contest and tell the world about your passion for Eli’s Cheesecake.

Prizes will be awarded for the best poems conveying their love for Eli’s.

Poems must be 50 words or less. Poems will be judged on the most creative reference to Eli’s Cheesecakes and desserts (visit our product pages for flavor inspiration). Enter by 12pm CT on February 10, 2012.

*Grand Prize:
An Eli’s Cheesecake of your choice, sent anywhere in the continental U.S.
Red Eli’s Cheesecake t-shirt

*Second prize:
An Eli’s Strawberry Cheesecake sent anywhere in the continental U.S.

*Third prize:
A red Eli’s Cheesecake t-shirt.

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